Artfully designed to make you feel your most beautiful

Potlighar started in 2019, with the idea to spread happiness and beauty through design. A brand cultivated within family traditions and the art of the trusted karigars. Every design, every colour, every embroidery, every potli is envisioned, handcrafted and hand woven by our family at Potlighar. Each potli is an abundance of memories - from the classic knitted potli your grandmother would carry, to your mom’s clutch you wore to your farewell, to the waist bag you wore to complete your trendy Diwali outfit, to the potli you carried to your best friend’s wedding. And we want to make these memories beautiful so you can cherish them always.

Founder's Vision


The fondest memory of my childhood was watching my grandma knit her own potlis with unique designs. She would always have a different potli for each occasion to match her outfit. And as a young girl, that became my idea of beauty. So I thought to continue this familial tradition and make something that will be every woman and every girl’s token of love and beauty. That is when Potlighar was born. ‘Potli’ because it is a bundle of joy, of memories, of family bonds and customs. ‘Ghar’ because every design I make has a bit of my family in it. Every Potli feels like home and pushes open the door to a new memory with them.

- all for mumma.

Why Potlighar

Exquisitely designed for you to make a festive fashion statement

Artfully handwoven by karigars. Every stitch is made meticulously, because there is no compromise in beauty.

Fast & Safe Delivery to your doorstep so we do not miss out on any of the occasions in your life

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